Mixing is the process of taking all of the individual tracks from a recording session after they have been edited and applying various effects such as reverb, delay, compression and equalization in order to strengthen their relationship and work together musically. Mixing does not include pitch correction, editing, or compositionally adding elements to the music. It is not intended to make your music any louder. 



Mastering is the processes of finalizing a mix and preparing it for mass production, this includes equalization of the track for playback on different sound systems as well as compressing the dynamics of the track to make it louder and "glue" the mix together. Mastering is not intended to add effects to the music or change the way individual parts work, if done correctly the track as a whole shouldn't sound different, rather more pleasing and more musical.



Here is what we need when sending tracks for mixing;

1. Bounce all tracks individually from start to finish WITHOUT effects, compression or EQ. (Unless the effect is essential to its raw sound.) THIS INCLUDES THE MASTER TRACK, be sure to double check that all effects are completely off. 

2. All tracks should be bounced as wav, aiff, format at 48khz 24bit. 

3. Bounce files according to their stereo image. Mono Guitar, Vocals, Bass etc.. should be bounced in mono, Stereo tracks such as overheads etc. should be bounced in Stereo.

4. When sending midi information make sure that midi is bounced from start to finish just like the rest of the tracks. Please write all midi with the correct note length and positions. All midi should be written on Channel 1.

5. When sending drum midi include/embed any tempo changes as well as indicate in a text file the corresponding notes eg. C1 = Kick E4= Snare etc.

6. If there are any specific things about your mix please include these requests in a text document with your tracks. 

7. Include the tempo as a text document.

8. Include Rough or Original Mix if possible.



If requested to program drum tracks and you are without a library please use the link below.




To book a deposit of half the total of your session is required 3 days prior to your appointment. Upon Arrival at the studio or picking up your tracks the remaining balance is due. During select promotional periods studio costs are due up front prior to the project commencing. All deposits and promo rates are non-refundable, please contact Bambino Studios immediately if you cannot make your appointment and we will reserve your time for a later date. If you feel that the studio has not delivered please contact us and we will resolve any issue to the best of our ability.