Gino Bambino

Gino Bambino

Bambino Studios is the home of musician, producer, designer, marketing mind and audio engineer, Gino Bambino, recognized by Universal Studios Mastering Department as a skilled engineer and known for his ability cross genres as well as his work in the band "Novallo". (Who recently played 2015's Rock on the Range sharing the stage with Linkin Park, Slipknot, and a host of others.) 

Gino is one of the fastest growing names in the music industry.  "I believe that every artist requires a different approach, and I work hard in developing the framework to make them successful."

Bambino Studios operates of multiple locations suited for the needs of any artist. "I try to make my artists feel at home because when they are comfortable you get the best out of them musically."

We believe in keeping our rates low because we understand most artists cannot afford the ticket of most professional studios and producers.

"Most guys don't have the pocketbook to sound as polished as the signed artist, it's always been my vision to help talented people compete with bigger names. Your lack of production level shouldn't be a reason why people don't take you seriously, I aim to change that." -Gino

In addition to music production related endeavors Gino also serves Central Ohio as a freelance sound engineer, event coordinator and marketing specialist. If it involves creativity and strategy look no further.



Bachelors of Fine Arts/Production

Columbus College of Art and Design

Pro Tools/Core Certification

Recording Workshop Chillicothe

Official BMI Artist

Writer, Composer, Producer

Audio Engineering Society AES Member

Audio Engineer & Producer





Universal Mastering Studios

Ibanez UK

Dan Sugarman (As Blood Runs Black)

Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence)

Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, The Dillinger Escape Plan)

Danny Leal (Upon a Burning Body)

Alex Hoffman (Fallujah)

Ricky Armellino (This or the Apocalypse) 


Talk to you Never

Sky Splitter (Ex Rose Funeral Guitarist 

Under the Combine

Asylum Effect

After Funk


Andy Kuss

First Impression

Stealing Axion


Killbot Zero

Jessica Hannan





Robbie Bars


JoJo Stella


Pursuing Purpose


As Earth Fades

The Color Why?


The Love Alive



Niave Natives

Richie B Unruly

The Incorporated

Voted Down